About us

Meet Anastasia

Just Bloom was born when Anastasia Metzger experienced the joys of motherhood, along with its associated difficulties. Having to reconcile work, life as a couple, household maintenance, and raising a kid while seeking harmony and balance in each aspect proved to be a considerable challenge. Additionally, determined not to sacrifice her social life, Anastasia began envisioning a family café in Geneva where she could enjoy quality time with her baby while also savoring a cocktail with friends and family.

Through extensive research, she discovered the lack of existing options and the immense potential of this untapped market. During her exploration, she encountered other parents facing similar struggles and limitations. As she shared her dreams, she inspired a shared desire, leading them to join her journey and contribute with their unique expertise and talents to this exciting adventure.

Our Values


Creativity is the magical thread that weaves connections between things. By providing children with a tapestry of diverse experiences, we empower them with the skills and tools they need to fearlessly navigate the challenges of our ever-evolving society.


Embarking on the journey of cultivating a thriving mind and body begins with sowing the seeds of discernment, discipline, and unwavering determination from a tender age.


Always in a state of evolution to deliver the best attention to customers, workshops, events, master classes, food, and infrastructure.


Embracing adaptability and quickly incorporating solutions is part of our daily routine, whether it comes to accepting new situations or finding the best range of options for a large community.


Switzerland’s renowned reputation for delivering exceptional services and upholding rigorous standards of security and hygiene serves as our inspiration to align and provide the utmost experience to our valued customers.